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Railway Infrastructure Expert

Aktualizováno: 8. 9. 2021

Summary of work experience.

Head of Service Department - Palembang 2019

Summary of my work experience are at links: CV; Scientific Papers; LinkedIN; Researchgate; Slideshare.

After the university prom in 2004, when I was 24 years old, I started to work in local pointworks factory in Prostejov where I gain my study high school practice in 1997 and study university practice in 2003. This factory with about 500 employees was traditional national producer and also started to export these special components of railway, tramway and metro tracks to about 30 countries worldwide and with even unique reference from Guiana Space Centre, which is European spaceport in South America.

My father worked in this pointworks company as technical director and my mother as system admistrator. Both of them were designers in first constructor team in 1960s when the production of turnouts started in Prostejov. In 1975 my father was also member in an expert committee team which was set up by the Ministry of Culture of Czechoslovakia to supervise the project for relocating church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, from 1597, on rails to a new spot 841 meters distant. This was also mentioned in Guinness Book of World Records as the heaviest building ever moved on wheels (12 700 t).

Parents in 1960s

I spend my first year by designing standard parts and by digitalizating old paper drawings to electronic versions.

Designer and Technical Draftsman - Prostejov 2005

Next 3 years I was mainly designer and project manager for brand new constructions for Olomouc City Transport Company, Ostrava City Transport Company or Volkswagen Slovakia Factory in Devinska Nova Ves.

Research and Development Manager - Turnouts Prototypes 2006

Research and Development Manager - Turnouts Prototypes 2007

In August 2008 I gain huge personal experience and full respect to fulfilling safety rules when I was the last person in Jistebnik railway station who wave by hand to engine driver of train which few minutes later crash to the bridge in next railway station in Studenka. And where we were 20 minutes later and saw the whole demage from inside the railway track.

In 2011 I finished my Ph.D. degree in University Pardubice which I attended in distance form since 2007 beside my job duties.

Doctoral Study of Transportation - Pardubice 2011

Since 2007 I also started to focus on fastening systems and its best technical-economic versions in railway turnouts. I made the turnout model with 389 356 elements located in 485 119 nodes with 1 388 073 degrees of freedom for predicting the respond from passing vehicles. I had also opportunity to present these outputs in foreign trade fairs in 2011 and 2014 as one of the most important factory research project.

Research and Development Manager - Barcelona 2011

Research and Development Manager - Berlin 2014

In 2015 I started to work in service department and in december 2015 I monitored and helped during the instalation of two brend new turnouts with swing nose on VUZ Velim test track, which is popular and famous place where are tested prototypes and new vehicles from the whole world and could use speed even 220 km/h. Since 2016 I also started to monitor and service turnouts on VUZ Velim test track, which is the only place in Czech republic where is practicly high-speed traffic.

Assembly and Service Manager - VUZ Velim 2016

As a defender of progressive and disturbing technologies I presented and published Industry 4.0 approach for railway turnouts in next decade 2020-2030.

Assembly and service Manager - Decin 2017

Since 2015 to 2021 I had also huge oportunity to see a hundreds railway stations and places across the Czech and Slovak republic from Cheb to Cierna nad Tisou and to use brand new offroad Ford Ranger.

Assembly and Service Manager - Nymburk 2018

In 2019 - 2021 I also did service support in foreign countries as Metro Istanbul or Light Rail Track Palembang and emergency service for prototypes of high-speed turnouts and hydraulic point-machine in Prosenice.

Head of Service - Istanbul 2019 and Prosenice 2020

Since 2021 I started to work as process analyst with focus on production data for digitization.

Consultant of academic texts

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