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Political Inovator in Civic and Public Services

Aktualizováno: 15. 9. 2021

Summary of activities to improve the usability of public services and political activities for citizens.

Headquarters of People´s Action Party in Singapoure - August 2019

CYBER-CITIZENS Movement (2021-2035)

Based on my knowledge and experience, I have established the movement CYBER-CITIZENS to improve civic and public services, whose goals are inspired by examples of good practice mostly from the USA, Switzerland, Israel or Singapore, innovative approaches like SMART(ER), INDUSTRY 4.0, or peer-to-peer cooperation by coordinated technologies. It promotes sustainable protection of civil liberties and the state in the form of an efficient service center for citizens on the actual technology level. The word CYBER-, from cybernetics, comes from the Greek meaning "governance" or "to steer, navigate or govern". As a CITIZENS of any republic „we are slaves of laws so that we can be free“– how Marcus Tullius Cicero said.

This "Civil Society 4.0" could be also seen as cyber-civic forum upgrading one of idea predecessor - czech Civic Forum in 1989-1991. Purpose is to unify the dissident forces against both traditional totalities and possible modern cyber-totalities with technologies on the actual technology level implemeted by statism of choosen political party, by religious fanatism of choosen faith or by corporativism of choosen activism.

Citizenship 4.0: Data-driven Management of Civil and Public Services (2017-2020)

In september 2017 I made a proposal of project for supporting (420 000,- CZK) by Technological Agency of Czech republic in period form fabruary 2018 to december 2020 - link to project document. The goal of project was feedback from: web with 3 seminar articles: Citizenship 4.0: Data-driven Civil and Public Services Administration, Citizenship 4.0: Ministry of the Free Environment, Citizenship 4.0: "Cyber-Shaped Society" looked by "Social Goggles" and from organizing an exhibition "Citizenship 4.0". The project met the conditions of the public tender and proceeded to further evaluation in a total of 289 project proposals out of a total of 306 project proposals submitted for this tender. Then 94 projects proposals were supported and this proposal didn´t met support by opponents and was last from the unsupported project proposals.

In more details: The aim of the project was to get feedback from citizens after introducing the vision of a "self-employed political person / one-man political party" like more effective political force than the current political parties. The intention was to create a more efficient system in providing civic and public services and a more optimal structure in providing them to the ever-living generation of citizens and making them the most satisfied and happiest. With the ambition of projecting this vision into future "eGovernment Action Plan 2021-2025". There was the need to complete the systematic collection of information and algorithmize and structure them. The result was then subjected to feedback from professional and non-professional public by articles, website and exhibition.

Ministry of Free Environment (2014-2017)

American philosopher and system theorist Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983), who was described as Leonardo Da Vinci of our time, said: „There is more recognition now that things are changing, but not because there is a political move to do it. It is simply a result of the information being there. Our survival won’t depend on political or economic systems. It’s going to depend on the courage of the individual to speak the truth, and to speak it lovingly and not destructively. It’s saying what you really know and feel is the truth, in all directions.“

Based on this, the "Ministry of the Free Environment" was established in 2014 - 2017 as a mystification-brainstorming project dealing with the idea that the loss of citizens' freedoms and the growth of restrictive bureaucratic etatistic activity is due to the absence of a ministry with specific and quantifiable goals and with „protection of the free environment" criteria, in the same extent and logic as the "Ministry of the Environment" operates.

Changes in Constitution and Rights and Freedoms for Citizens Usability (2013)

This contribution to the discussion on the "changes of the Constitution with the aim of increasing the freedom and limiting the power of politicians" summarized and compared selected constitutions and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and concluded the US Constitution as inspirational for the Czech Republic. However, it stressed that their stable version is also great value to the state. However, if proposals for their changes are already being submitted, they should also take into account their applicability to the average citizen and be written in such a way that their final form is "user-friendly".

Inspiration can be found in technical practice, where some industry standards even directly require its RAMS (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety) parameters with the definition of:

- all possible hazards in the system in all applications;

- the characteristics of each hazard in terms of the severity of the consequences;

- the probability of occurrence of any type of safety-related system failures.

The fulfillment of these and similar conditions should therefore be apply to the legislature when submitting draft laws, despite how different is their current practice and the ideas of most people about its potential and potential arising from previous existing historical experience.

Autoklub Prague Conference - April 2013

The view through the "Social glasses" (2011)

The aim of this paper was to present a different view on society and the political-economic spectrum, which could be gain by using the SCAMPER method with selected texts from various fields and with quotations of famous personalities. The general conclusion was, that although everyone has a different values ranking and focus more on political and social issues and events than on economic issues or more on economic issues and social impacts are for him invisible is advantageus, during looking and judging the political-economic situation, to...

"... still keep on eyes, if there is no falling into totalitarianism or getting far away from economic freedom."

Grafic Methods of Distribution to Right and Left in Politics (2011)

During the evaluation or commenting actual or historical political situation it often leads to disputes or misunderstandings, where is the imaginary boundary between right and left. I have elaborated an article describing 8 different schemes, defining the ways of dividing the political spectrum, which is most often referred to, and which was also later cited in Czech Television Discussion Program by Ing. Arch. Jan Barta from the Czech Monarchist Party.

The political spectrum - Where strides Czech right? - October 2015

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