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"De Oppresso Liber" Follower

Aktualizováno: 4. 4. 2021

Summary of activities and protests "to liberate the oppressed".

Motto of US Army Special Forces "De Oppresso Liber" ("to liberate the oppressed")

CzechTek (2005)

On July 29, 2005, teknival CzechTek 2005 took place. In addition to the media events describing police failure, I was still most outraged by the personal experience of a friend doctoral student of Applied Mechanics Dáša from VŠB-TU Ostrava, who sent chain email about her on August 3, 2005, describing what happened to them there. Beside resending chain email I made a blog article and I pointed out and discussed this topic on many places.

With friend Dáša in wine cellar in Blatnice pod Svatým Antonínkem - September 2004

Government reforms (2007)

On June 23, 2007, a demonstration against the government's public finance reform took place in Prague on Wenceslas Square under the slogan "Let's stop the cut-off", in which 35,000 trade unionists from all over the Czech Republic took part. As a member of trade union KOVO I joined this demonstration and I refused to make the reform with the greatest threat to low- and middle-income workers, families with children and pensioners.

KOVO Trade Union Demonstration - June 2007

Lisabon Treaty (2009)

I personally read the whole Lisbon Treaty and, as a result of its ratification in 2009, I joined the Free Citizens Party in 2011. The approval of the Lisbon Treaty led to a significant reduction in the sovereignty of individual EU members in the form of the transfer of competences from national parliaments to the EU institutions and also defined several mechanisms that give the EU the opportunity to acquire new powers and abolish vetoes in other areas without further ratification. The EU was then different from the moment of the Czech Republic's accession and, according to Euro-skeptical attitudes, "different in the wrong way, in the direction and in its depth", moreover, it still plans to deepen further in this way.

The current form of european integration by EU, whose "microcosm and model" is the Belgian model, is not the only one possible and the european integration can be required to have, for example, the Swiss model, which is characterized by its weak central government, binding balanced budget, popular phrases and the concept of not distancing political power, and thus responsibility, from the citizens.

Membership in eurosceptic Free Citizens Party - February 2011 to January 2015

Charlie Hebdo (2015)

Charlie Hebdo shooting on January 7, 2015 was a wake-up call for me, because I am a huge defender of Freedom of speech. So a started to take a look on islam more closely and found, that almoust 70 % od all teroristic organizations are islamic and are responsible for more then 90 % of all teror on earth. I started even to read and analyse reports of Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and my outputs were published in bigest czech news media like ČT24, Novinky, Denik or Hospodarske noviny.

I participated in events of activists in this area as a seminar Immigration Crisis and Islam (October 19, 2015) in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic or conference Europe, Immigration and Islam (October 27, 2015) in Prague under the auspices of President Milos Zeman. I had also opportunity to check views and experience of ex-Muslims like Salman Hasan, Lukáš Lhoťan or writers Bill Warner, Benjamin Kuras, Martin Konvička, Petr Hampl and Marian Kechlibar. I also started translating from the Gatestone Institute and finally published there my own texts.

Seminar "Immigration Crisis and Islam" in the Parliament of the Czech Republic - October 2015

Demonization of Israel by UN (2016)

When I start to focus on Israel, I found, that noble principles and purposes of United Nations such as human rights, equality, and peace, were being subverted by selectivity, politicization, and prejudice by many resolutions against Israel, which are incomparable with numbers of resolutions against totalitarian states.

I also found that the Israeli army is on the limit of military possibilities for a state the size of the Czech Republic, because there are over 50 Islamic states around it with about 1.6 billion inhabitants continuously during its existence, inferring various strong diplomatic, trade and military conflicts with the aim of its complete liquidation. Lonely Israel is among Islamic states as Moravia among the 20 German states. So I decided to join SAR-EL program and cooperate with Fighters for IDF (video).

IDF supported by "Fighters for IDF" - March 2016

I also created the project ISRAEL TIE: ISRAEL-SHAPED TIE on the platform for financing projects - Its goal was to create a "zero serie" of 100 ties for serial production, according to the registered and prototype design by September 2017, as a fashionable pro-Israeli accessory.

Photos of "Israel Tie" - February 2017

Video "Israel Tie" - February 2017

The Israel Tie expresses support for the state of Israel and some of values of the Western civilization, that symbolizes. The tie is an expression not only for a necktie but also for a draw and a committment to something. For supporters of the West, wearing the tie with shape of Israel declares publicly their connection with it. On the other hand for supporters of values ​​of other civilizations the tie represents tolerance and truce with it. This pro-Israeli tie is fashion counterbalance of a pro-Palestinian scarf shemagh or keffiyeh or kufiya. The Israel Tie is a registered industrial design and it can be purchased in various designs and colors. You can acquire it for men, women, children and even dogs that are perceived as human companions in the Western culture and not as ordinary animals or unclean or even something to eat. Let´s identify ourselves with the words of Czech President Zeman at US-Israel conference AIPAC 2015: "You know the famous slogan. Ich bin ein Berliner. Now, we all must say, I am a Jew. Your discrimination is our discrimination. Your victims are our victims.” Let's show our own Israel Tie.

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