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Free Citizens Party Regional Chairman and Candidate Lists Leader

Aktualizováno: 26. 4. 2020

Summary of activities during membership in the Free Citizens Party in the years 2011-2015.

With Chairman Petr Mach and Vice-chairman Jiří Payne (also 2014-2019 Members of European Parliament) - January 2012

I was a member of Free Citizens' Party since February 2 2011 till January 31 2015. Free Citizens' Party was founded on February 14, 2009, so I was a member of the last two-thirds of its then existence. During that time I was one of the 49 members of the Republic Committee - since June 7 2011 till April 28 2013 as an elected member and since April 29 2013 till January 29 2015 as a non-elected member like the Olomouc Regional Chairman. Being a member of the Republic Committee, in its full composition, means to have about 2 % direct power to vote and influence the overall activities of the party and also to have 2 % responsibility for (un)successes of the party.

In addition to the internal party elections for elected member of the Republic Committee and the Olomouc regional chairman, I was also elected in semi-closed primary election as the leader of the candidates for the Olomouc regional election 2012 (May 21 2012); as the leader of the candidates for the parliamentary elections 2013 in the Olomouc region (September 3 2013) and as the 11th place of the nationwide candidate for the European Parliament elections 2014 (Fabruary 13 2014), and during that time I attended several political public appearances and published political articles in electronic and print media.

Article "Today's Debts Are Tomorrow's Taxes. We Refuse to Raise Taxes." - September 2012
Article "For a Free Region Without Debt" - October 2012
Article "Let's Get Inspired By Switzerland" - October 2012
Article "Less to State, More to Citizens" - October 2013
Article "Let Us Defend Ourselves Against Another Euro-nonsense" - May 2014

Over these four years I have also organized and patronized election campaigns for regional, parliamentary, European, municipal and senate elections in the Olomouc region, thanks to which I gained a large amount of theoretical knowledge of political marketing, public relations, accounting, organization of election campaigns, and above all practical experience from feedback from contact campaigns from the public, from handling formal tasks at offices and from service organizations working on orders in the Olomouc Region, and I met a large number of interesting and opinions close people across the country.

Leader for Olomouc Regional Election Campaign - October 2012 (2 646 votes; 1,49 %)

Leader in Olomouc Region for Parliamentary Election Campaign - October 2013 (122 564 votes; 2,46 %)

Candidate No.11 for European Parliament Election Campaign - May 2014 (79 540 votes; 5,24 %)

As Olomouc Regional Chairman, I was responsible for accounting, representation and organization in the region and I was the author of the annual reports - Annual Report of the Chairman 2013 and Annual Report of the Chairman 2014. During July 2014 I was also in closer collaboration with film historian and author of the theme for the 1996 Oscar-winning movie Kolya Pavel Taussig due to running for the Senate in October 2014.

I also focused on organizing discussions and lectures in which were speakers: the later Chairman of the Liberal Institute Martin Pánek, constitutional lawyer Pavel Hasenkopf, a later member of the European Parliament Petr Mach, a member of the Academy of Sciences Miloslav Bednář and later Liberland President Vít Jedlička.

Discussions and Lectures in Olomouc - 2014

In January 2015 I quit my membership for personal reasons, because my "political activity" in these four years, took most of my free time and the financial costs of membership fees, advertising and travel costs reached 30 000, - CZK. My goal was not to be a career politician, but to advocate and by eventual electoral success by gained "power position" of the representative to defend and to promote by Free Citizens Party program "Ideals of Free Society" irrespective of whether at the municipal, regional, parliamentary or European level, where I joined elections.

At that time, after 6 years of existence, Free Citizens Party was the 9th strongest party in the Czech Republic with a basic electoral support of approximately 2.5%, which had one MEP, 76 municipal councilors, approximately 1,000 members, approximately 2,000 supporters and more than 10 million crowns. When I became a member in 2011 Free Citizens Party had less than 0.5 million crowns, about 200 members, about 100 supporters and after the 2010 parliamentary elections only 0.74% electoral support.

Life is a struggle about something bigger than we are, and it is right to fight for what we consider right and it is extremely satisfying and joyful struggle. So I am glad that I was able to participate in still increasingly successful volunteer-based campaigns, leading to gaining the mandate of one MEP. Practically to belong to the core of party about 15 people and enjoy enthusiasm similar to the US supporters of presidential candidate Ron Paul in 2012.

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