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Summary of citations and quotes.

London (United Kingdom) - May 2019

- When evaluating the political-economic status, keep in mind whether there is a decline into totalitarianism or a moving away from economic freedom. (September 2011)

- Today's debts are tomorrow's taxes. I refuse to raise taxes. (June 2012)

- I want to reduce the degree of integration of European countries to the level before the Lisbon Treaty, or better yet the Maastricht Treaty. The current state of the European Union is over-bureaucratic and more and more people are also beginning to see it as the Union of European Socialist Republics. In my opinion, it would be ideal if the whole European Union did not work as it did now with Belgium's model microcosm, but rather with Switzerland's model microcosm. (June 2012)

- Do not take money from seniors, because they saved their retirement all their lives. Assuming a person has 40 productive years and then retires for 20 years to maintain half the standard of living he was accustomed to, he has to postpone a quarter of his earnings from each year, or roughly the current rate of social insurance, paid 6 % directly and 25 % through employer. It is completely antisocial to reduce people's pensions. (June 2012)

- One day historians will call this period "post-normalization" where the ex-communist fat cats tried to implement capitalism and democracy, but instead implemented corporate capitalism or "clientelism" and ochlocracy or mob rule. (June 2012)

- The European Union is currently one of the greatest dangers to the freedom of citizens of European countries, due to the increasing degree of impersonalized regulations without the possibility of finding out who is responsible for what and increasing EURO-nationalism and EURO-populism, which are equally dangerous international threats as their traditional national forms - nationalism and populism. (June 2012)

- Any official redistributing public finances is lured to corruption by a force equal to the amount of funds redistributed by him. (November 2012)

- I advocate the application of practices from technical-economic practice to current political practice beyond the imagine of most people about its possibilities and potential resulting from existing historical experience. (April 2013)

- The European People's Party, together with the European Socialists, are responsible for the current state of the European Union; excessive bureaucracy, loss of competitiveness and debt. (October 2013)

- Kalousek is historically the largest indebtedness of the Czech Republic, because as a KDU-CSL and TOP 09 member of parliament voted actively in the years 2003 to 2012, for deficit budgets of the Czech Republic with a total debt of 1.2 billion CZK. (October 2013)

- You trust politicians that you want to give them more power and finance? (October 2013)

- No „starters of the economy“ can be bought anywhere. Reduce taxes. Reduce regulation. And entrepreneurs will create jobs and increase the efficiency of the economy. (October 2013)

- I promote a competitive free market environment, ie. "Free-thinking creative capitalism" just like any "entrepreneur." However, Babiš behaves like a so-called "hustler" and promotes "corporate capitalism" and wants to create money pipes to selected companies, in this case to his corporation Agrofert, by forced state regulation. In 2010, with the help of ODS and CSSD deputies, he pushed through the mandatory blending of biofuels, which was binding for the Czech Republic from 2020. In the last year alone, he received about 3 billion CZK from it. Another about 3 billion CZK Agrofert received in the form of agricultural subsidies, while with a turnover of about 112 billion CZK, it achieved a net profit of 6 billion CZK. Without subsidies, Agrofert's profit would be at zero. After weakening his influence in the ODS and CSSD, he founded the political division of Agrofert, the so-called ANO 2011 movement, he sponsored celebrities, posted 700 billboards for 3 million CZK a month, bought the dailies MF DNES, Lidové noviny, etc. for 4 billion CZK. Overpaid the American consulting company PSB, which previously advised the CSSD and which in 2010 alone received about 8 million CZK from it. (October 2013)

- It is certainly positive for Babiš's employees to see that they have an employer who, in the current economic system - steeped by high taxes, regulations and subsidies - is able to provide them with work and finances, but as a result their profit is to the detriment of us all, similar to this is with the support of photovoltaic power plants and "solar barons". And that's wrong. The question is whether the current economic system even allows, in the fields in which Babiš does business, to be a "master entrepreneur" of the Baťa type, which creates a profit through satisfaction, citizens of freely demanded services. (October 2013)

- The pure free market has no color. The exchange of objects and services is clear. By blending green, red and other ideologies, the free market only turns to black. (December 2013)

- An entrepreneur restricted by regulations is forced to lobby by a force equal to the amount of lost profit. An hustler not restricted by regulations is lured to lobbying by a force equal to the amount of potential gain imposed by regulations. (December 2013)

- Political correctness can harm the freedom of your life and the freedom of the people around you. (April 2014)

- Solidarity can only be expressed by a free citizen. Forced solidarity is just a form of protection racket. (July 2014)

- Representative positions have to and can be fulfilled in parallel to professional life and free of charge, with covering the most necessary expenses, so that one does not pay for these activities - ie. how Rasin said: "No payment for service to a state". (January 2015)

- How much taxes we pay, so many opportunities for squandering and corruption politicians have. (April 2015)

- Everything within the free decision of the citizen, nothing outside of the free decision of the citizen, nothing against the free decision of the citizen. (April 2015)

- Everything within the competition, nothing outside of the competition, nothing against the competition. (April 2015)

- Ideas are more powerful than guns. We let enemies of freedom have ideas, why should we not let them have guns? (April 2015)

- Promoting freedom and competition should be rightly called anti-corporatism, because it is a separation of business and government power. (April 2015)

- Unprepared to defend the freedom and rationality of civilization? Prepare to accept the tyranny and mysticisms of barbarism. (June 2015)

- No to EURO-manor of EURO-masters, YES to Europeanism of Europeans. (March 2016)

- Germany can be Multiculturalistan. In the Czech Republic, however, let's take the path of Swissization, Israelization and Singaporization. (May 2016)

- Islam is the opposite of freedom. The advocate of the free Western world is as close to constitutionalism as advocate of the non-free Islamic world to the Sunnah. The so-called Islamism of Saudi Arabia, Islamic State, Hammas, Erdogan Party in Turkey or Muslim Brotherhood is a purer and less polluted Islam according to Mohammed's model. (May 2016)

- I'm for encouraging changes in society by intelligent debate. (May 2016)

- I believe that every citizen of a free republic should be its politician and soldier and in his life give it by "basic unconditional duties" about 2500 hours of his time. (May 2016)

- If evolution and development in the world will go that way that, for example, in the next two generations, Sweden and Germany will become North-European and Central-European multiculturalistan, let´s respect that. Economic and social cooperation is still possible, as shown by the example of Sino-Buddhist Singapore and its participation in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations - ASEAN with Islamic Malaysia or Indonesia. (May 2016)

- Let´s inspire ourselve by Singapore as soon as possible and, like it, establish not only closer security-economic cooperation with Israel, but also a Confucian way of stabilizing society in a liberal society with high economic freedom. (May 2016)

- Islamic civilization can be a partner of our Western civilization, but even at the cost of the Cold War and economic sanctions, our foreign policy must prevent the persecution and oppression of non-Muslims and women in the Islamic world from Morocco to Indonesia. (May 2016)

- The strength of the West derives from the integrity of nations. (September 2016)

- The difference between Western world and Islamic world: a woman is a brand, not a commodity. (October 2016)

- When there is the motto of the Muslim Brotherhood: “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Quran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”, then the motto of the Freedom Siblinghood should be:“ Freedom is our objective; Love for truth is our leader; Mutual tolerance is our law. Better to die in fight than live in tyranny;” (October 2016)

- I am pragmatically for singapurization, where the state controls the interpretation of Islam and the finances of Muslims, so that they cannot aim violent and terrorist jihad. And of course bureaucracy and any government agency destroying the vitality of anything, and even Mohammedanism is no exception. (March 2017)

- 'Free Citizens Party' become as a false reminder of the EU, and among the reasons for the electoral collapse and ineligibility by 'free citizens' was party corporatism of the kinder-management of right-wing bundles, imposing individualism at the expense of personal freedom. The remaining members are a “false saloon right”, which shamefully benefits from public finances. The Czech right can no longer afford another Mr. Mach et al and Czech Republic must not end up in a similar decline as the organization 'Free Citizens Party'. The October attempt to multi-culti orange-type of revolution by Bartoska and Dyk´s “Weeks of Civil Unrest” with Kraus's anti-Zeman show was not the last. (March 2017)

- I appreciate the constructive populism of Andrej Babis, which is practically based on pre-election surveys and the searching of the results of possible ratification referendums on various topics and adaptation to them in order to remain at the forefront of popularity and power. Can he be blamed? It is practically faster and cheaper for the citizen than the ratification referendum itself in the system of direct democracy. (March 2017)

- It is not fair that self-employed persons should be a privileged class. (March 2017)

- About the motto “We are our freedoms”, I was inspired by a visit to the symbol of Armenian heritage and defiance in Nagorno-Karabakh “We are our mountains”, when the Caucasus Mountains awaken respect and one realizes its smallness and thus it has its strong spiritual dimension. As a result, the Christian Armenians are a large nation in a small state and are in undeservely long-term neglecting by the remaining members of our European family of Western civilization. Our freedoms should be equally monumental, protecting us and we them, and being for us same symbol what is Caucasus with Ararat for the Armenians. (March 2017)

- Historically Eastern Turkey is not Northern Kurdistan, but Western Armenia. In the Turkish-Kurdish territorial dispute we must stand on the side of Armenia. (March 2017)

- Prostejov soldiers from the 601st Special Forces Group of the Army of the Czech Republic are our military elite. For their deployment in Afghanistan, within the geopolitical chess of superpowers I am very critical and more prestigious for me are still their predecessors from the 7th Holesov airborne regiment. It was an elite unit directly under Czechoslovak military intelligence in the 60s, which in 1968 refused to surrender to the occupying forces of the Warsaw Pact and at the same time they planned to rescue eventually kidnapped government officials. Those were the guys and the attitude. Its staff, however, was later for anti-sovietization and nationalism scattered and the regiment also moved from Holesov to Prostejov. Because I hold the Reagan´s attitude "peace through strength", I expect a similar attitude throughout our whole army. And without bold surcharges for risk compensation about 170 thousand crowns per month. The mercenary mentality does not belong to the republican army of free citizens. (September 2017)

- 4 % of GDP should flow into the military budget today and the next 7 years, so that, at least until 2024, when we celebrate 25 years in NATO, we will settle our unfulfilled commitment to the Allies on average 2 % of GDP. Our republic is now protected by some one-division army with 20 thousand soldiers and 10 thousand reserve, but it should be some five-division army with 170 thousand soldiers, 100 thousand reserve and double heavy mechanization. (September 2017)

- The current wave of immigration reminds me the initial scenarios and mentality of the refugee waves of the so-called Palestinians from Israel to neighboring countries who wanted to overthrow the King of Jordan during the 10-day civil war in 1970 and which starts a 15-year civil war in Libanon with Antifa. In Syria, becouse of them they established an elite Republican Guard in 1976 to protect the constitutional officials of the republic. Finally, in 1991, during the occupation of Kuwait, they collaborated with Saddam´s Iraq and after liberation, the Kuwaitians expelled hundreds of thousands of them out of the country and still hate them. (September 2017)

- Because the Arabs say "Sunshine all the time makes a desert" maybe thats why they don't have any gutmensch. Because they say "When you can't bite a hand, kiss it", maybe thats why they respect only strength and from where the oriental hospitality, but also the treachery and hypocrisy comes from. Because they say "Better to have one thousand enemies outside the house than to have a single enemy inside it", maybe thats why thay hate the existence of the state Israel in the center of the Islamic world. (September 2017)

- Muslims can be good people, and it is Islam that is a repugnant political ideology. The Islamic world is even more diverse than the Western one, and even there is 14 centuries long struggle about the true face of Islam, its foundation and core is in the "radical Islam" of Islamist Mohammedanism represented by Saudi Arabia, where the Qur'an is its constitution and where people belonging to 13 % of the world's minority of atheists, secularists and humanists suffer most. (September 2017)

- The incompatibility of the Western world and Islamic world lies in the core understanding of who is the sovereign of power - whether a free citizen or Allah. Either you choose freedom, or you submit to Islam. (September 2017)

- We must condemn both the Burkina and the burqa both morally and by law, and ban them as “rags for slaves”, not for religious intolerance or proxy sanitary reasons. (September 2017)

- European nations can end up in a few generations as freedom-loving Berber tribes (calling themselves "Ejmazig", which means „free people“) after the Islamic-Arab colonization of North Africa, or the Maghreb - which means West in Arabic. (September 2017)

- Today's elections and referendums seem to me as outdated as correspondence chess. The way of writing and dealing with petitions as forwarding chain letters. I see the way to the same revolutionary mechanism in state control as the walkman versus stereo. This can be described as "Citizenship 4.0: Data-driven administration of civil and public services". (September 2017)

- The eGovernment Department of the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic does not emerge from the digitization and electronization framework of approximately 2 million pieces of legislation and has no ambition or courage to extend this framework of "administration" to the framework of "governance". Even it is among National Priorities of Oriented Research, Experimental Development and Innovation. It can thus only aim from bureaucracy to "e-bureaucracy". (September 2017)

- The process of European integration since 2009, after the Lisbon Treaty, I regard it as a dead end with increasing Euro-populism and Euro-nationalism with accompanying multicultural prejudices, which also cause Islamization. (November 2017)

- Multicultural prejudices against Muslim economic migrants from Africa and the Middle East are also very dangerous in themselves and are the cause of not only increasing knife attacks in Germany or street riots in Sweden. It is precisely multicultural political correctness with deliberate blindness that, alongside political Islam, is the second totalitarian threat to today's individual freedom. (November 2017)

- We must respect that, as women have the right to abortion in freedom, so also states, whether today's Germany or Sweden, have the right to abort their cultural identity. It must also endure the consequences of its own irresponsible cultural promiscuity - sometimes fatal. However, they do not have the right to impose or seduce other states with responsible cultural promiscuity or loyalty to their own culture and to run the risk that they will have something like deficiency syndrome of the state ended its death. (November 2017)

- Aim of EU may have been to establish inter-European integration -- with mutual tolerance and respect even with and towards non-European cultures including Islam -- but today it is becoming increasingly evident that immigrants from Muslim countries do not spontaneously integrate. On the contrary, there has been a controlled Islamization of integration, rather than the other way around. And with goal to establish ultimate theocratic totality by demographic shift in next generations. (November 2017)

- Organization of Islamic Cooperation Document from 2000 entitled "The Strategy for Islamic Cultural Action outside the Islamic World," states: "The demographic constituents of western countries, its general characteristics and the specifics of its peoples will change and become subject to restructuring into a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society. Thereby, western countries will no longer remain that harmonious and monolithic society constituted on the basis of a specific historical, economic, social and cultural lineage. It will, in itself, turn into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society. While this is a new event for Europe, which explains its concern with the phenomenon of immigration at the level of European institutions and individual countries, it is also a unique event for Islam and the Islamic world." (November 2017)

- Every person should be a 'Individual Self-Employed' citizen as a one-man political party. (December 2017)

- In these days there are uncomfortable opinions described as hateful and fearful in Western Europe and the United States. Because of this pseudo-oppression, there are even 'safe spaces' being set up. However, at the expense of "safe spaces" for those of us who find censorship offensive. (January 2018)

- Candidate for President of the Czech Republic Jiri Drahos reminds me of what dissident Havel struggled with in 1963 at the play Garden Party for the diligent Hugo Pludek, who achieved social ascension through perfect mastery of content with emptied phrases which had revolutionary charge, but began to serve only to prove conformity with the ruling regime and avoid real responsibility. (January 2018)

- I advocate a Swiss model where every year "presidential duties" have a different member, respectively the chairman and the first among equals, of their generally seven-member government and since the Swiss Confederation establishing in 1848 there were about 170 of them. I see the President's office as "King´s successor“ and by its canceling we can also save half a billion crowns per year. (January 2018)

- I appreciate the dissident Havel, the author of the Power of the Powerless, the Garden Party, and I would be among the followers of his spiritual legacy. However, I do not find much positive for his presidential career and I am often in conflict with idolatrous “havlists” like Jakub Janda, Dominic Feri or heirs of his property which is now capitalized legacy. The spiritual legacy of dissident Havel is appreciated by every advocate of the Free Republic - homeland and abroad. (January 2018)

- Really pay attention to what is being imposed upon us under the slogan of 'liberal democracy', which is beyond doubt and which, with every decade or generation, is more and more liberalized into already untenable positions and absurdities. We are a "free republic" and it is recognized by that that it is full of uncensored, diverse views, including conservatism, Menshevik communism or religious communities recognizing mutual tolerance. (January 2018)

- I see the division into a 'Prague café' and the rest of the country as natural, and it was nicely described by one of the first sociologists, Ibn Chaldún, during the Islamic Golden Age. The historical process of the development of human civilization was understood by him as a constant cyclical change due to the interaction of two groups: "metropolitan" - inhabitants of cities and protected places with a settled way of life with the possibility of developing culture, science and civilization but with low solidarity, cohesion and militancy, and "rural“ - travelers and bedouins living a nomadic and desert way of life, including peasants who have harsh nature and are hostile to civilization, but have unspoiled virtues, as tribal cohesion and militancy. (January 2018)

- The truth is mined through discussions. (February 2018)

- A free republic full of authentic opinions of all citizens, including nonconformist and incorrect versus liberal democracy with opinions limited by multicultural political correctness, is a struggle for the freedom of our time. Unsuccessful attempts of Jiri Bartoska with Vojtech Dyk or Jan Kraus et al. in October 2016, they were not the last, and there are relatively much “Euro-bunches” like Jakub Janda or Dominic Feri in the youngest generation, who tends to march in the streets and establish totalitarianism. (July 2018)

- CZexit is not a system solution and in todays threat of Western civilization, EUexit from European countries is desirable. (October 2018)

- Do not ask for whom they want to censor their opinion, Censorship threatens for thee. (November 2018)

- Freedom had ideal decade rates of 90s-60s-90s in the 20th century. (May 2019)

- Do not mark as fascists, racists and xenophobes those who responsibly follow the rules of zero tolerance for security risks. (May 2019)

- Instead of 'Czechs can't govern themselves' let's say 'Czechs can non-govern themselves' and understand that they prefer non-domination and non-interference with themselves. (May 2019)

- I would describe my position as „cybernetic civic humanism“. Thus, Republicanism with practices of current technical practice, which the humanities have not yet adopted, and therefore can not name the threats, so neither the possibility of solutions. (May 2019)

- I want to maximize the power of rational movement of a particular personal identity of an individual. (February 2020)

- In addition to the post-war orderly expulsion of the Sudeten Germans, there were criminal acts due to the disintegrated state of the state after six years of German totalitarian occupation, and the government punished crimes against the Germans and brought more than 6,000 cases to court. It is impossible to compare these crimes prosecuted by the Czech democratic government with the German totalitarian systemic genocide of nations and races. The Czech government's moral duty today should also be to make sure that members of the Sudeten German expatriate association are not restricted in preserving their Sudeten cultural traditions with the right to self-determination, like ethnic minorities close to us in a multiculturally changing politically correct Germany. (May 2020)

- Because we lost the border by the Munich Agreement, or the betrayal of the Western Allies, in order to ensure the recognition of our pre-Munich borders, in December 1943, Beneš, Ripka and Jan Masaryk signed the Treaty on Friendship, Mutual Assistance and Postwar Cooperation between the Czechoslovak Republic and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics - for the next 20 years. As a small state we do not create geopolitics and we can only cope with it better or worse, and in my opinion the inclination to the east was a logical step and did not occur insidiously by the Communists in 1948 or 1946, but prevailed transparently thanks to the non - Communists in 1943. (May 2020)

- The anti-communist resistance cost our nation too many people, than that it would not be recognizable. Whoever had the character went into battle and the casualties were innumerable. (May 2020)

- The wrong line of democratic leadership has transformed the European community from an ideological union into a power organization that has become very attractive to reigning selfishness, calculating cowards, and people with a bad conscience. (May 2020)

- In my opinion, Mr. Kolář, Mr. Novotný and Mr. Hřib fit into the definition of Czech-smallness with their anti-Havel policy, even they are protecting themselves by Havel's idolatry. But it is not absurd. It is characteristic. They accentuate the tinsel and the fruits of Havel's dissident, from which they want to bite and capitalize on him. Not his own acts, which made him a dissident and which is desirable today and generally and thanks to which he gained respect. (May 2020)

- The violation of the article on "mutual respect for one's independence and sovereignty, as well as non-interference in the internal affairs of the other state" by the August 1968 invasion is one generation later story after war, but there is a difference to be occupied by Germany as a state against which you define defense for a thousand years and to be occupied by Soviet Union, as then closest ally. This is not possible to be forgotten, and the only response in the future is the impossibility of any closer alliance with Russia, although it may be sympathetic and close to us in many ways. We are instructed by history. (May 2020)

- Vlasov Army - as one division of the fascist camp, which betrayed another on its own, cannot be considered part of the Allied forces. (May 2020)

- "Doing good" regardless of ideology takes place and is the primary impulse for the onset of totalitarianism of any color or mask. With or blinding with a radiant vision, totalitarian practices are then established to suppress nonconformity, plurality and competition. This then creates a breeding ground for that smallness, servitude and appeasement. In our country, people with these characters had an easier rise thanks to the emigration of elites from the characteristic emigration waves. Jewish wave of one hundred thousand in 1938. German wave of million in 1945. Right-wing wave of 25,000 in 1948. Left-wing wave of 75,000 in 1968. (May 2020)

- The rise of "smallness" is difficult to face. Besides the Czechs, there is Czech-smallness, besides entrepreneurs, there are hustlers, besides people living for politics, there are people living from politics across the political spectrum, besides officials there are bureaucrats, besides public administration representatives there is the so-called "deep state", or besides imprisonment and defense there are "Prison or military-industrial complex" with its interests. In addition to gender, race or religion activists, there are "rent-seekers", as fake victims , seeking benefits and annuities by choosen "diversity privilege." And then we have our judiciary in general, that is, as Ralf Neder says: "As a public interest lawyer, your fund of injustice will never be empty." (May 2020)

- Social networks are not a public one for citizens, but a private one for clients, so to speak, an "infrastructure for ideas". I would compare them to railway infrastructure in the 19th century, and they will probably have a similar development. (October 2020)

- I am very satisfied with the trend of strengthening ANO, Pirates and SPD, and the mix of their programs, in my opinion, gives hope for some desirable form of "civic revival". (October 2020)

- I support activity that aimed at change regional establishment into a country one. There were about a hundred Moravian provincial governors from 1298 to 1914, and even during the First Republic in 1928 the Moravian-Silesian country was established by law… The size of the Czech and Moravian-Silesian countries would correspond to the German ones, and as a strong bonus I would see that in English we could call ourselves Czechlands instead of Czechia. (October 2020)

- Activities from state-subsidized NGOs, including political parties, where most of the money goes to their own operations and contracts for companies of friends, do not come to me as manifestations of humanity of the great spirit, but as manifestations of transformed Czech smallness to new conditions. I would express it by the term "small humanity" with fixation on tinsel, not on the essence of Havel's legacy. (October 2020)

- The financing of administrative apparatus is not a manifestation of solidarity or humanity. This usually "corporate humanism" of centrally controlled solidarity and so-called civil society needs competition and frees itself from the abuse of equality and activism in tearing - I would not be afraid - virtuous citizens by selected victimization and creating a new privileged dominion, which we can call "minority dominion" or in the US, directly due to BLM, "blackness dominion". (October 2020)

- We need to modernize our approach and the implementation of the so-called "European values" of Judeo-Christian culture. Jan Patočka saw it in harmony with antiquity, Christianity and the Enlightenment and appealed that the nation should fight against the declining tendencies by modesty and humility. The bankruptcy tendencies of the countries of Europe are, in my opinion, due to - in exaggeration - affected by an immodest and humble "EUtism". (October 2020)

- More and more people already perceive that Europe and the European Union are not the same - that they are as different as faith and the Church. (October 2020)

- It is not so desirable czexit from the European Union - but EUexit from European countries and setting up more rational cooperation between European countries. (October 2020)

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