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ESG correctly sees nature, society and citizenship as exhaustible data,
not free wifi.

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Experience and Goals

My name is Josef Zboril, Ph.D. (1979; Czech republic). I am founder of CYBER-CITIZENS civic movement. I am a former Olomouc regional chairman and leader of candidates of the Free Citizens Party (2011-2015). Translator and author of the articles of the American think-tank Gatestone Institute (2015-2019), whose then chairman J. R. Bolton - former US ambassador to the UN - transferred as US National Security Advisor.

Based on my knowledge and experience, I have established and develop the ESG participation civic movement CYBER-CITIZENS to improve civic and public services, whose goals are inspired by examples of good practice mostly from the USA, Switzerland, Israel or Singapore, innovative approaches like SMART(ER), INDUSTRY 4.0, or peer-to-peer cooperation by coordinated technologies. It promotes sustainable protection of civil liberties and the state in the form of an efficient service center for citizens on the actual technology level.

Personally, I am an advocate of freedom, republicanism, the values of the spiritual space of Western civilization, free-minded creative capitalism, and the reduction of bureaucracy to an effective extent. I want the Czech Republic, Europe and the world to change in these directions of "the most civic society, the most decentralized governance and the most participatory democracy" - with the long-term ideal of a European or planetary confederation on the ground of the anti-corporatist, anti-statist and anti-clericalist "Civil Society 4.0" based on the ideas of not only dissident Vaclav Havel and the possibility of creating and modeling own conceptual information model of citizenship "Parallel Cyber-Polis" serving as a usable and a non-public cyber-physical system tool for independent cyber self-governance of a sovereign citizen who strives to create economic, social and ecological from below, for its verification with the lived present and for the prediction of personal happiness, responsibility and freedom.


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